Today I learn too

I sometimes like to read random poems from online. It's always fascinating to see the immense creativity and thoughtfulness that goes into writing a poem. So today I decided to share one of my favorite discoveries. This one though was shown to me by someone: The Cold Within Six humans trapped by happenstanceIn bleak and... Continue Reading →

On your marks…

If you are petite, you often have people point at you when there is racing involved. I watched the just concluded London Marathon and remembered my little track experience. Back in high school, as is the custom in many schools, we had inter dormitory competitions. In our school, one of the most exciting sports was... Continue Reading →

Jibber jabber

Jibber jabber This lock down period has made people think about a lot. Small and big decisions alike. People have started new businesses, YouTube channels, blogs, and some have opened accounts on different social media sites. We are all just doing a lot in our ways. Some are sleeping, eating, binge-watching, exercising ( Ha!!! You... Continue Reading →

Not breathing, still living !

When I think about doctors, nurses, surgeons and generally anyone in the medical field, my mind automatically goes to the numerous hours they spend at work, shift after shift and the general  body fatigue that is their every day narrative. Members of the medical fraternity experience death almost everyday and they even see it coming... Continue Reading →

Penny for my thoughts?

You're overthinking this, it's not a big deal, and you're reading too much into stuff. If you've heard any of these statements from your concerned friends/relatives, I feel you. Of lost phones and hikes Sometime last year, my sister and I lost my mom's phone during a mother-daughter outing.  I keep replaying that day in... Continue Reading →

One too many times, one too many lives

I was recently taking a class on Human Rights' Reporting and for an assignment, I was tasked with looking into the cases of Human Rights' violation in Kenya. I found out a lot to say the least, but the common factor was that most, if not all cases of human rights' violations revolved around the... Continue Reading →

Just silly enough

Corona Virus is an example of the instances in life when we think we have it all figured out then complications come in like, look at this clown.What is keeping people going and sane is their ability to find humor (thank you meme lords ) and hope by allowing ourselves to soak in the shenanigans... Continue Reading →

Piece of me

Amidst the chaos of everyday, we may forget that men/guys are human too. Let's always try and pause to see them and what they are going through.

Bipolar – A Snippet

Tari's Habaris

Today is International Bipolar Day. Amidst the chaos and disruption that covid-19 has caused, the day will also be spent spreading awareness on this particular condition. For those not familiar with bipolar, it is a mood disorder – a mental illness where your moods oscillate between extremities, that is highs (mania/hypomania) and lows (depression). The difference between bipolar and normal moods is that the intensity of the moods get to a point where they affect normal functionality. They type of bipolar (bipolar 1, bipolar II and rapid cyclic bipolar) depends on various factors such as frequency and oscillations of the moods, intensity of the effects among other thing. I live with rapid cyclic bipolar.

The last three years I have been super psyched about marking world bipolar day. Whew!!! March would feel like December because of the excitement and anticipation I felt within. The late hours of March 29th would…

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