When time flew

And I won’t lie, I miss her,  I miss when she couldn’t tell she was troubled Going through life flying everywhere like a butterfly, soft to the eyes but never staying enough to let people hurt her I miss her smile so wide that her cheeks hurt I miss her laughter echoing through days even […]

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Tales untold

The day was good.  Stories were told, Hearts were mended, Closure was found. In between those tales untold, we understand each other more,  see each other from a different light. When finally the wells of our hearts pour out,  The unexplained anger sizzles to a past hurt. The fake smiles turn to hopeful grins The […]

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Voiceless voice

Stand up for what you believe in,stand up for yourself, stand up for the oppressed and on and on. Is it really that easy? Is standing all we’ve got to do to have people listen? What of those with a voice that doesn’t speak up? What of those who can’t stand up for themselves leave […]

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Tidy mess

I once had a cat, grey in color and though he didn’t really have a name, he was my favorite pet. I considered him quiet,peaceful,timid and of course my fluffy little friend. As the other cats went out to maybe bask in the sun ,he would remain cuddled up somewhere in the house peacefully and […]

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Twisted desires.

Wanted something so bad? check. Feeling like its the only thing that can give meaning or add value to you or to your life? check. Feeling left out because you don’t have it? check. Well maybe,maybe not, but sincerely speaking,most of the time,we equate our value to something or someone instead of giving ourselves the […]

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Who are you?

Who are you? who I’m I really? A question asked to and by many but our quick and unconscious response is to say your name. Coming to think of it, is it really what is required of us to say or could there be a deeper meaning to this question? More often than not we […]

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I am it.

I am it, everything that I want not to see from others.   I am it the ever insatiable one yet claiming that people ask for too much  I am the tribal person, the racist, quick to point fingers at others for the same.  I am it, the one filled with hatred yet spiteful of others […]

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